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Come see what I'm up to!

Dana is excited to announce that she is headed back to her to home state of Florida to perform in The Album,  a new play conceived and directed by Moises Kaufman. Check out the The Colony Theatre in Miami Beach for dates and ticket information! (May-June 2018)

Dana is honored to be an Ambassador for Motivated Movers! Motivated Movers is a beautiful community of artists in NYC dedicated to helping actors and singers reach their potential on the dance floor. 

Dana is THRILLED to announce her acceptance into Tectonic Theater Project's Training Lab program. She will be taking the Moment Work Level 1 and Level 2 Workshop this June! (2017)

Dana is fortunate enough to be taking part in a workshop of a new play (Euphoria) at Tectonic Theater with Moises Kaufman. Grateful to be a small part of this creation process! (Feb-March 2017)

Come laugh and listen to Dana and friends sing some hilarious songs at NYC's 54 Below on Friday, Feb. 24th. Buy your tickets here. (Feb 2017)

Dana is currently taking class with Erin Dilly at The Living Studio and teaching yoga for La Palestra, Center for Preventative Medicine. 

Keep checking back for more updates!